Blantons Full Lineup (Original,Gold,SFTB,Red,Black,Special Reserve)

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Blanton's Bourbon Full Lineup: The Ultimate Whiskey Experience

Indulge in the unparalleled world of Blanton's Bourbon with our exclusive Full Lineup collection. This exquisite assortment features six unique offerings, including the Original, Gold, SFTB (Straight from the Barrel), Red, Black, and Special Reserve. Each bottle stands as a testament to the mastery of traditional bourbon crafting, promising a taste that is both rich in history and flavor.

Proof Content and Tasting Notes:

  1. Original:

    • Proof: 93
    • Tasting Notes: A symphony of dried fruit and vanilla undertones, accented by hints of caramel and pepper, finishing with a touch of toasted oak.
  2. Gold:

    • Proof: 103
    • Tasting Notes: A luxurious blend with notes of dark chocolate, nutmeg, and honey. This complex palate transitions to a warm and slightly spicy finish.
  3. SFTB (Straight from the Barrel):

    • Proof: Varies, typically between 130 to 140
    • Tasting Notes: A robust experience with a burst of dark cherries, roasted almonds, and deep molasses. Intense and full-bodied, it's a bourbon enthusiast's dream.
  4. Red:

    • Proof: 93
    • Tasting Notes: A delightful fusion of berries, citrus, and cinnamon. A balanced profile with a velvety smooth finish.
  5. Black:

    • Proof: 80
    • Tasting Notes: Exuding elegance, with nuances of leather, dark chocolate, and smoked wood, culminating in a gracefully mellow aftertaste.
  6. Special Reserve:

    • Proof: 80
    • Tasting Notes: The gentle embrace of honey, orange zest, and a wisp of smoke. A perfect introduction for those new to the Blanton's universe.

Why Blanton's Full Lineup? Blanton's Bourbon is a legacy in the whiskey world, renowned for its single barrel production and dedication to authenticity. With a lineage tracing back to the 1900s, every bottle epitomizes the commitment to producing bourbon of the highest caliber.

When you choose the Full Lineup, you're not just tasting bourbon; you're experiencing a journey through time, craftsmanship, and passion.


  • Exclusive Blanton's Collection
  • Blanton's Bourbon Lineup
  • Authentic Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Ultimate Whiskey Experience
  • Rich Tasting Notes

Savor the unmatched beauty of bourbon with Blanton's Full Lineup. A journey for your senses awaits. Order now to dive deep into the heart of authentic bourbon craftsmanship.

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